Dale Vince and Others

The Court continued the consideration of the judgment until 21 October, 2019.

The First (appellate) Division of the Court of Session has agreed with the Lord Ordinary (first instance judge) that at this stage there is no basis upon which the Court could grant any of the orders sought by the petitioners, including those to ordain the Prime Minister to send a letter to the European Council requesting an extension to the Brexit date or to authorise an official of the Court to do so by way of substitution. 

The Court considers that in the time before the date for sending any letter (19 October) arrives the political debate must be played out in the appropriate forum.  In the normal case this would have resulted in the Court refusing the reclaiming motion (appeal) and the separate petition invoking the equitable jurisdiction of the Court.  However, since the circumstances may change over the next ten days and to avoid the petitioners having to raise new proceedings of a similar nature in changed circumstances, the Court has continued consideration of both the reclaiming motion and the petition until 21 October 2019.

Summaries of Court Opinions


In certain cases the judgment reached by the court may be of wider public interest. In these cases a summary of the court’s Opinion is produced and published along with a link to the full Opinion.

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Attending Court


People attend court for many reasons. They may be directly involved in the case such as the lawyers, accused, witnesses, jurors or police officers or as members of the public they may wish to attend and observe proceedings. All courts are open to the public except in certain circumstances.

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