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Welcome to the website of the judiciary in Scotland.  You will find lots of information about judges, the work they do in each of the different courts and some helpful advice if you are attending court or simply want to come in and see what happens.  

You can also find up-to-date information on the latest sentencing statements which will allow you to read what a judge has said in court on passing sentence.  We also publish summaries of opinions, fatal accident inquiry determinations and other major court decisions in Scotland.

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Summaries of Court Opinions

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In certain cases the judgment reached by the court may be of public interest or have wider implications beyond the parties involved. In these cases a summary of the court’s opinion will be produced and published along with a link to the full opinion. The summary provides a short explanation of the decision, the main points that it raises and will give an indication of any further proceedings that may be required. 

You can search judgments and opinions for individual cases on the Scottish Courts and Tribunals Service’s website. Please note that only in cases where there is a significant point of law or particular public interest will the opinions be published.

Opening of the Legal Year 2014

Friday, 19 September, 2014

The Right Hon Lord Gill, Lord President and Lord Justice General, reviews the legal year that has passed and sets out his hopes and plans for the coming year in his annual address to the court.

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Lord Justice Clerk’s address to the International Society for Reform of Criminal Law

Wednesday, 3 September, 2014

The theme of the conference, which was held in Vancouver, British Columbia was ‘Crime and Punishment: Back to the Future for Sentencing and Corrections Reform’ and Lord Carloway's speech on ‘Lifelong restriction of serious offenders and the role of risk assessment in Scotland’ was given on 26 June 2014.

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Speech by Lady Dorrian at the launch of The Digital Strategy for Justice in Scotland

Thursday, 21 August, 2014

The speech, entitled ‘Digital Justice Strategy: A view from the courts’, was given in Edinburgh on 20 August 2014.

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Speech by the Lord President to mark the completion of the redevelopment of Parliament House

Tuesday, 24 June, 2014

The Rt Hon. Lord Gill’s speech at the launch of an exhibition commemorating the completion of the £58m, five-year redevelopment project, on 23 June 2014.

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Speech by the Lord President to the Judges of the Supreme Court of Qatar

Tuesday, 29 April, 2014

The speech, entitled ‘Developing a Judicial Code of Conduct’, was given on on 14 April 2014

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