At the High Court in Edinburgh on the 25th October 2012, Lord Uist made an interim compulsion order on Douglas Lawrence after he pled guilty to culpable homicide and assault.

Lord Uist made the following statement in court:

“On 17 January this year at West Tollcross, Edinburgh you engaged in an awful frenzy of violence armed with a belt and knife in the course of which you killed your former girlfriend and seriously injured another woman. On 2 February this year you attacked and injured a nursing assistant at the State Hospital.

It is clear to me from the written psychiatric evidence that the requirements for the making of an interim compulsion order are satisfied in this case. I shall therefore make such an order in terms of which you will be detained under conditions of special security in the State Hospital, Carstairs for a period of 12 weeks in order that you may receive medical treatment there.

I shall at the same time adjourn this case to Edinburgh High Court at 10 am on Wednesday 16 January 2013”.