At the High Court in Aberdeeen Lord Uist sentenced Ewan McRae to 12 years imprisonment after he pled guilty to sexual abuse.

On sentencing Lord Uist made the following statement in court:

"You have pleaded guilty to a course of conduct over a period of years consisting of the most appalling and horrifying sexual abuse of two young boys by engaging in disgusting and depraved sexual conduct towards them. When you committed these crimes you obviously gave no thought to their wellbeing and the possible effect upon them of what you did to them. Your crimes are aggravated by the fact that you were in a position of trust towards the boys when you abused them. Moreover, until today you had denied having committed these crimes and your victims would have had no reason to think that they would not require to give evidence.

You are now almost 42 years old. You have a lengthy criminal record covering the period between March 1988 and June 2010 and have been sentenced to detention or imprisonment on several occasions. I note that your record is mainly for offences of dishonesty, but you have three convictions for assault and I also note that you have no convictions for sexual offences. I consider that any benefit, however small, arising out of your very late guilty pleas is cancelled out by your failure to appear for trial on Monday of this week and the serious inconvenience caused to the court, potential jurors and your victims who were ready to give evidence.

Those who engage in the sexual abuse of children or young people should know that, when they are brought to justice and the day of reckoning arrives, they will face lengthy prison sentences. In respect of your guilty pleas to charges 1 to 6 and 8, taken together, the sentence which I impose is 12 years imprisonment.

I must also inform you that, as you have been convicted of a sexual offence to which Part 2 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 applies, you now become subject to the notification requirements contained in the Act. The clerk of court will provide you with a copy of the relevant certificate and the notice which gives details of the notification requirements with which you must comply”.