HMA v Richard Sinclair

At Edinburgh Sheriff Court Sheriff McIntyre sentenced Richard Sinclair to 12 months in prison after he pled guilty to attacking and killing a dog.

On sentencing Sheriff McIntyre made the following statement in court:

“What you did to that little three year old dog was nasty and cruel and beyond description.  Wearing gloves, you pinned him to the bed and stabbed him 23 times.  He had also been kicked or hit by your on the head and body.  You then threw his body away into the back garden.

Unfortunately, I am constrained by the legislation to a maximum custodial sentence of 12 months.  Were it not so I would be imposing a much longer sentence.

You offered this plea at a first diet and I am required to give you a discount to reflect that. 

Accordingly, I shall impose a custodial sentence of 12 months reduced to 42 weeks to reflect your early plea but this will be consecutive to your present sentence.

Furthermore, in terms of S.40 of the 2006 Act I shall disqualify you for life from owning or keeping any animal or taking charge of any animal for any purpose, because I do not consider that by committing this offence you are a fit and proper person to be associated with any animal”.


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