At the High Court in Dundee Lord Pentland imposed an extended sentence on Ronald Green after he pled guilty to assault and robbery on the 24 June 2011 near Dufftown, Moray. The custodial part of the sentence will be six years followed by a period on licence of four years.

On sentencing Lord Pentland made the following statement in court: 

“Ronald Green you have pled guilty to a despicable and cowardly crime. It involved you terrorising an elderly lady, who lived alone in a remote location. You gained entry to her home, having pretended to be selling coal, then assaulted her, threatened to rape her and robbed her of her savings. Your motive was to get money so that you could buy heroin. At the time you were under the influence of alcohol and Valium. It seems to me to be likely that your victim will never recover fully from this appalling offence.

There is little to be said in your favour. Although only 22, you have a troubling criminal record. For some considerable time you have abused alcohol and drugs. You have failed to take advantage of a number of community-based disposals. You committed this offence only a short time after the expiry of your last custodial sentence.

In view of the assessment of risk contained in the Social Work Report I consider that the protection of the public requires me to impose an extended sentence on you.

The first part of this is custodial. Had it not been for your guilty plea, I would have sentenced you to 8 years imprisonment. I shall discount that to 6 years to reflect the fact that you pled guilty at the Preliminary Hearing.

The second part of the extended sentence is called the extension part. During this period you will be subject to strict licence condition and to continuing monitoring and supervision. I fix the extension part at 4 years. You  must understand that if you commit another offence during the extension period, you are liable to be brought back before this court and returned to prison. That would be in addition to the sentence for any further offence. Your total extended sentence is therefore 10 years.

I shall backdate the extended sentence to 8 July 2011.

In addition, you will be placed on the sex offenders’ register since your behaviour in committing this offence involved a significant sexual aspect in my view”.