Today at the High Court in Edinburgh Lady Dorrian sentenced Mark Junor and Elaine Young to six and a half years imprisonment after they pled guilty to the culpable homicide of Martyn Stewart on the 29 November 2009 in Peterhead, Aberdeenshire. On sentencing Lady Dorrian made the following statement in court:

“In this case there is no basis for distinguishing between you. You both have previous convictions including assault. You are both described overall as high risk offenders. You, Junor, took a knife to the locus which you produced when you were coming off worse in a fight with the deceased. You, Young, then picked up the knife when Junor was disarmed and used it on the deceased, stabbing him in the heart. You did call the emergency services, but this was only after you had made attempts to obtain drugs elsewhere.

I take into account that neither of your previous convictions contain substantial convictions for violence; I take into account the personal circumstances and background as outlined to me and contained in the Social Enquiry Report and I take into account most particularly the fact that only one blow was struck during an ongoing fist fight, the circumstances of which have been explained to the court.

However, standing the terms of the SER I am in no doubt that this is a case in which an extended sentence is necessary for the protection of the public. This consists of a custodial term followed by an extended period of supervision under licence in the community.

Each of you will go to prison for a period of 6 and a half years, which is reduced from 8 years on account of the plea tendered. There will be an extension period of three years. In each case the sentence will be backdated to 1st December 2009.