HMA v Jordan Walker

At Glasgow High Court today (19 December 2019) Lord Arthurson imposed an extended sentence of 9 years (custodial part 6 years) on Jordan Walker after the offender was convicted of abducting a woman and assaulting her to her severe injury.

On sentencing, Lord Arthurson made the following statement in court:

“Jordan Walker, on 21 November 2019 you were convicted after trial at Glasgow High Court of the crimes of abducting a young woman and thereafter assaulting her to her severe injury, both of these offences involving the use by you of a knife. It is plain from the terms of an impact statement prepared by your victim that the damaging effects of your criminal conduct towards her on 8 and 9 December 2018 have been significant and long-lasting.

This is of course not the first occasion upon which you have offended with knives. In 2009 you received a community-based sentence for possession of a knife while on bail. In 2016 you received sentences of 33 months and 39 months respectively in respect of convictions on indictment for assault to injury with a knife while on bail and possession of a knife while on bail. Finally, you were convicted on 26 July 2017, again on indictment, of, once more, possession of a knife while on bail. In respect of that conviction you received a further custodial disposal of 16 months and a subsequent Supervised Release Order, all to be served consecutively to a 15 month section 16 return period, on the basis that you had committed the last offence while on early release from your previous sentence for knife-related indictment level offending. To date you have accrued 17 groups of previous convictions and have served 5 custodial sentences.

The offending which the Court requires to deal with today occurred less than a month after your release from prison following upon the sentences imposed upon you in 2017. In these circumstances it is no surprise that the author of the background report and risk assessment prepared for this morning’s sentencing hearing has noted a pattern of offending by you involving the possession and use of knives and assessed you as presenting a maximum risk of reoffending with the potential on your part to cause significant and serious harm to others. He also reports that you have taken no responsibility for your crimes and instead have sought to blame your victim. No protective factors have been identified in respect of you in the risk assessment.

I have listened carefully to the submissions of your counsel in mitigation this morning and I propose to take all of the points which he has advanced on your behalf into account in determining the appropriate disposal in your case.

In the whole circumstances I have concluded that the only appropriate sentence to be imposed today requires to be a substantial custodial one. It is also my view that you present, in particular through the repeated possession and use by you of knives, a high risk of serious harm from which it is necessary to protect the public, and that accordingly the normal licence arrangements would not in your case suffice to protect the public from the risk which would be presented by you on your release from the custodial part of any disposal. I am therefore now imposing upon you an extended sentence, which will be in two parts. The first part is custodial, namely a period of imprisonment. This will be followed by an extension period in the community, when you will be on licence and under supervision. The conditions of your licence will be fixed by Scottish Ministers. If during this extension period you fail to comply with these conditions, your licence may be revoked and you may be returned to custody for a further period in respect of this indictment. You should know that the Court also has power to deal with you if you commit another offence after your release while you are on licence.

You will accordingly serve in respect of charges 1 and 2 on this indictment, on an in cumulo basis, an extended sentence of 9 years duration, with a custodial term of 6 years and an extension period of 3 years. This sentence will be backdated to 12 December 2018, being the date of your initial remand in custody in respect of these offences. In the whole circumstances I make no section 16 return order in this case.”