Today at the High Court in Glasgow Lord Turnbull sentenced John Campbell and George Crummack in relation to the murder of Bob Rose at Braehower, Sanday, Orkney in June 2009.

On sentencing Lord Turnbull Made the following statement in court:

 “John Campbell

On the evidence which I heard Bob Rose was a kind and likeable man who was entirely harmless. He clearly enjoyed his life on Sanday and would have looked forward to spending many years there.

You have been convicted of his murder, motivated it seems by your dislike of him and your reaction to his involvement with your former partner Miss Johnston.

Although you did not give evidence at your trial it is said that you maintain your innocence.

Having heard all of the evidence at the trial it was perfectly obvious that you lied to the police when they interviewed you about Mr Rose’s disappearance. You had of course by then gone to considerable efforts to ensure that Mr. Rose’s body would not be discovered.

Given this history of your conduct there was, in the end of the day, something quite appropriate about the fact that despite all of your efforts to hide your involvement you were undone by your own inability to resist boasting about your conduct to a fellow inmate, no doubt in the expectation that he would be impressed.

Having heard the evidence it was as obvious to me as it was in the end to the jury that you were responsible for Mr Rose’s murder and that is the basis on which I will proceed.

The punishment for murder is life imprisonment and that is the sentence which I will impose. Whether you will ever be released is not for me but for the relevant minister in due course.

I must however select a period known as the punishment part which is a period that must elapse before you may even be considered for release on licence.

In assessing that period I will take account the seriousness of charge 1 as combined with the nature of charge 2.

All that can be said for you at this stage is your age. Given that you are a man of 59 I must take this into account in assessing the appropriate punishment part.

Taking this approach I will impose a punishment part of 16 years. Sentence will date from 2 March 2010.

On charge 2 I will impose a sentence of 3 years’ imprisonment to run concurrently with that on charge 1

Steven Crummack

You have also been found responsible for the killing of Mr Rose but not to the same extent as your co-accused.

In your case it is right to say that I should acknowledge that your conscience did come to lead you to assist the police in a significant way.

It is also right to acknowledge that had you not done so it is not possible to know how the police enquiry would have turned out.

Nevertheless you participated in Mr Rose’s killing and must now take the consequences of that.

On charge 1 I will impose a sentence of 10 years’ imprisonment and on charge 2 I will impose a consecutive sentence of 1 year’s imprisonment”.