At Airdrie Sheriff Court on 5 December 2014, Sheriff Robert Dickson sentenced David Carmichael to seven months in prison after the police officer was convicted of wilful neglect of duty.

Following sentencing, Sheriff Dickson made the following statement in court: 

“We trust our police officers to be honest, fair and to treat everybody equally. You breached that trust and deliberately concealed facts that could have led to the arrest and prosecution of another police officer. You did it because as you said at the time: ‘You don’t want to grass on another cop’. That attitude is totally unacceptable and if ever condoned would lead to a corrupt Force. 

“I hope that this is a one off instance of an officer concealing criminal activity. I am however seriously concerned that it is not. In her evidence the off duty police officer who reported the apparent drunk driver, knew he was a serving police officer. She deliberately chose not to state his name or job when she phoned the police office to report what she had seen. She did so because she was concerned that if she revealed that the driver was a police officer that her report would not be dealt with appropriately. 

“That suggests that there may be a perceived culture that police officers are willing to prevent the arrest and prosecution of a colleague. If that culture exists, then every superior Officer and anybody involved in the training of the police must ensure that it is stamped out forthwith.”