HMA v Daniel Teglas

At the High Court in Glasgow today (11 December) Judge Liddle sentenced Daniel Teglas to 6 years imprisonment after the offender pled guilty to rape.

On sentencing, Judge Liddle made the following statement in court:

“DANIEL TEGLAS, you are a vile predator. You came across your victim when she was drunk and in no condition to defend herself from your intentions to rape her and you took full advantage of that. You raped her.

You seek to minimise your responsibility. You had already admitted in an earlier account that you were attracted by your victim’s state of drunkenness. You approached her, grabbed her by the arm and picked her up. You subsequently suggest that you were motivated to assist your victim and check she was OK. That is no more than a cowardly attempt to save your own skin, and it will not wash. Your actions were captured on CCTV. You waited until a member of the public passed by before approaching your victim. You offer the explanation that your shoelaces were undone. Rather, you had already formed the evil intention to rape your victim and you waited until the coast was clear. You led her across the road to the top deck of the Bon Accord Centre. Then you lifted her up and dragged her to a secluded area of bushes. You raped her there and left her lying in a flower bed as you walked off in the direction you had come from. She was eventually found distraught by passers-by and assisted by them.

I am informed that you “regret what has happened”, especially because you have a family and you will “always feel guilty”. You brought that upon yourself by the decisions you made. You should be ashamed. One of your two children was born while you were remanded for this crime.

However, the CJSWR report makes it clear that that you have no genuine empathy for your victim and no remorse beyond feeling sorry for yourself. What you have done is a young woman’s nightmare. It is unlikely that your victim will ever fully recover from her ordeal.

It is hoped that she and the other residents of Aberdeen may sleep a little easier knowing that you, at least, will be off their streets.

A substantial prison sentence is called for. The headline sentence I have selected is a period of 9 years imprisonment. That takes account of the despicable crime you have committed. As it must, it also takes account of your relative lack of previous offending history. You pled guilty at the earliest opportunity and, because of that, I must apply a reduction to your sentence.

You are accordingly sentenced to 6 years imprisonment commencing from when you were first place on remand on 29 July 2019.

This is an offence to which the Sexual Offences Act 2003 applies. You will be subject to an indefinite period of registration under the Act.”