HMA v Anthony Clark

At the High Court in Edinburgh today (9 December 2019), Lord Uist sentenced Anthony Clark to five years, 3 months imprisonment after the offender pleaded guilty to sexually abusing a girl when she was aged between 8 and 13 years.

On sentencing, L made the following statement in court: 

"You pleaded guilty at the calling of your trial to two charges involving a sustained course of conduct from September 1983 to September 1988 consisting of the disgusting sexual abuse, including oral penetration, of a girl aged between 8 and 13 years. Your abuse of her has had a serious and lasting impact on her over the past 30 years in many different ways.

You are now 74 years old and have no previous convictions. Although you have admitted your guilt and thereby avoided your victim having to give evidence, you have blamed her for what happened. I regard that allegation as deplorable. People who sexually abuse children must expect to receive long prison sentences when they are brought to justice, no matter how long that may be after the commission of the offences.  Had you been convicted by a jury after trial I would have imposed a sentence of seven years imprisonment on charges 1 and 2 taken together. As you originally offered your guilty pleas at a preliminary hearing on 23 July 2019 that sentence will be discounted to five years 3 months imprisonment and will run from 11 November 2019.

As a result of that sentence you now become subject to the notification requirements of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 for an indefinite period."

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