HMA v Patrick Herbert, Ashleigh Wallace and Shaun Wallace

At the High Court in Edinburgh today, 25 April 2019, Lady Carmichael sentenced Patrick Herbert and Ashleigh Wallace to life imprisonment and Shaun Wallace to detention for life with punishment parts of 18 years each after the three accused were convicted of the murder of Stephen Grant.

On sentencing, Lady Carmichael made the following statement in court:

“In the days leading up to his death, Mr Grant expressed fear for his own safety at the hands of you, Ashleigh Wallace, his former partner.  

“There was a history of complaints of domestic abuse between you, and for a period which ended shortly before his death he was subject to bail conditions which prohibited him from contacting you.  

“He believed that you, Ashleigh Wallace, had formed a relationship with you, Patrick Herbert.

“There was evidence that he had spoken of a dispute about getting his clothes back. There was evidence also that following a telephone conversation in the afternoon of the day he died, Mr Grant seems to have felt encouraged to visit the flat in Magdalene Drive, Edinburgh.   

“All three of you were there when he arrived shortly after 6pm on 8 July last year. Within 20 minutes he had received fatal injuries at your hands.

“It is not possible to say exactly how or why the attack on Mr Grant began. You have all, however, been found guilty of participating in a very violent concerted attack on him in the course of which he was severely beaten, and fatally stabbed.

“One of the ten stab wounds penetrated his heart and another injured his liver. Despite the efforts of medical staff to save his life, he died as a result of those wounds.

“You Patrick Herbert and you Shaun Wallace carried him out of the flat and simply left him in the back garden.

“It is plain that Mr Grant was loved and is missed deeply by his family, some of whom were present throughout the trial. Nothing that I can do today can repair their loss.

“Each of you has experienced significant disadvantage and in some cases trauma in your earlier lives. All of you have become involved in abusing alcohol and other substances.

“It appears from the criminal justice social work reports that all three of you had taken alcohol or drugs on the day of the murder. Your choice to do so may well have played a part in the uninhibited violence that followed.

“Each of you has been convicted by the jury of murder. Sentences of life imprisonment for you, Patrick Herbert and Ashleigh Wallace, and detention for life for you Shaun Wallace, are therefore inevitable.

“I require to fix a punishment part in respect of those sentences.  That sets the minimum period you must serve before being considered for release on licence.

“Taking into account the violence of the attack, carried out by three of you together against Mr Grant, I consider the appropriate period in respect of each of you is 18 years. That period will commence in respect of each of you from 10 July 2018.”