HMA v Ian John James McEwan

At the High Court in Glasgow today, 21 March 2019, Lord Arthurson sentenced Ian McEwan to five years and three months’ imprisonment after the accused pled guilty to possession of the class B drug amphetamine with the intent to supply.

On sentencing, Lord Arthurson made the following statement in court:

“Ian John James McEwan, you have this morning tendered a plea of guilty to a single charge indictment libelling the possession by you, with the intent to supply it to another or others, of 26.8 kg of the class B drug amphetamine on a single day in November 2018 at your home address in Glasgow, all contrary to section 5(3) of the Misuse of Drugs Act 1971. 

“The agreed wholesale value of this weight of amphetamine was £45,900, but if sub-divided into street deals it is agreed that a maximum value of £265,042 could have been achieved. 

“In your case the Crown have accepted that your role in this matter was one of storage of the amphetamine for onward supply.

“Your criminal record discloses that you have accrued to date 16 groups of previous convictions.  It is of note that four of these were on indictment, two being at High Court level, in 1988 and 2006. 

“In particular you have an analogous conviction under section 5(3) of the 1971 Act, which conviction was at sheriff and jury level in 1989.  You have served 15 previous custodial sentences, most recently for a summary matter dating from 2011.

“I have listened with care to the submissions in mitigation advanced on your behalf this morning by your counsel, and have taken all that she has said, and indeed the terms of the two letters to which she has made reference, into account in selecting a disposal today.  In particular, I note your personal and family circumstances, your recent employment history and the timing of your plea of guilty.

“You will well appreciate, however, that the nature of this new offence, in particular having regard to the weight and value of the drugs involved, together with your history of criminal offending mean that only a substantial custodial sentence can be considered to be appropriate by way of disposal. In the whole circumstances I now sentence you on this indictment as follows. 

“You will serve a period of imprisonment of five years and three months, which I have discounted from a period of seven years due to the timing of your plea in this case.  This sentence will be backdated to 16 November 2018, being the date of your initial remand in custody in respect of this matter.”