HMA v Giles Campbell

At the High Court in Edinburgh today, 22 February 2019, Lord Boyd of Duncansby sentenced Giles Campbell to imprisonment for 10 years and 6 months, after the accused was found guilty of being concerned in the supply of cocaine; attempted rape and rape.

On sentencing, Lord Boyd made the following statement in Court:

“You have been convicted by the jury on the clearest of evidence of a range of offending, including being concerned in the supply of cocaine, a class A drug, the attempted rape of one woman and the repeated rape of another. Both of the sexual offences were accompanied by significant violence. One disturbing aspect is that both women said that you had punched them repeatedly about the head. One of them said you were wearing gloves. The other said your hand was covered. It is clear that you wanted to inflict pain on both women without leaving a mark.

“Both your victims were vulnerable women under the influence at the time of crack cocaine. You played on that vulnerability and you thought you could get away with it.

“You yourself were concerned in the supply of cocaine. The evidence is that you resided in a flat which was being openly used for the supply of drugs. Your explanation that you had been brought to the flat by an associate and were unable to leave because you did not have enough money is simply incredible and I do not accept it.

“You deny your involvement in these offences. I have read the social work report and note that you consider that you were wrongly convicted by a kangaroo court. Having heard you in the witness box, it is clear that you will say and do anything to avoid responsibility for your own actions.

“I have listened carefully to what has been said on your behalf. I take into account that this is the first time you have been convicted of sexual offences and that there has been a significant break in offending since 2011. I also take into account that while you have convictions for contraventions of the Misuse of Drugs Act, these are very much at the lower end of the scale. I take account of all the matters in the social work report including the fact that you are apart from friends and family.

“I have already informed you that, as a result of your conviction, you are subject to the notification requirements under Part 2 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003. In light of the sentence I am about to impose these requirements shall last for an indefinite period. The clerk of court will serve upon you a notice confirming those requirements with which you must comply.

“The sentence of the court is as follows:

  • On charge 1, you will go to prison for 3 years
  • Charge 3; 4 years
  • Charge 4; 6 months
  • Charge 6; 6 years 6 months, 6 months of which are attributable to bail aggravation
  • Charge 7; 8 months, 2 months attributable to the bail aggravation

"The sentences on charges 3 and 6 shall be consecutive making a total of 10 years, 6 months. The sentences on charges 1, 4 and 7 shall be concurrent to those on charges 3 and 6. The sentence will be backdated to 17 April 2018."