HMA v Scott Daniel Ross

At the High Court in Edinburgh today, 14 August 2018, Lord Pentland sentenced Scott Ross to two-and-a-half years' imprisonment and imposed a supervised release order of one year after the accused was found guilty of assault to injury. On sentencing, Lord Pentland made the following statement in court:

“Scott Daniel Ross, the jury convicted you after trial of an offence of assaulting the complainer to her injury; this offence was aggravated by your breaching bail conditions.

“The assault extended to threatening the complainer (a young woman), pulling her by the hair, repeatedly punching her on the head and body, and striking her on the head with a glass bottle.

“Although invited to do so as part of your defence, the jury declined to add to their verdict a rider to the effect that the offence was committed whilst you were acting under provocation from the complainer. 

“From the evidence given at the trial it is clear that this was a violent attack, which resulted in the complainer sustaining a number of injuries;  she was also traumatised by your conduct.

“You have a bad record of previous offending. Over the years since 2002 you have been consistently convicted of crimes of violence and disorder; you have frequently breached orders of the court.  

“In 2012 you were convicted in the High Court of being concerned in the supplying of cocaine and sentenced to a term of 43 months’ imprisonment. I note that the present offence took place in the context of and against the background of the consumption of cocaine by you and a number of your associates.

“In 2015 you were convicted on indictment of having a knife in a public place and of assault to injury; you were sentenced to imprisonment for more than one year. I note that the present offence involved the use of a weapon.

“In 2016 and 2017 you received further sentences of imprisonment for offences of threatening and abusive behaviour. Each of the offences to which I have just referred had some features that were to a degree replicated in the present offence.

“From all the information available to me it is clear that you are a person who has no respect for the law or for the standards of behaviour expected in a civilised society.

“I take account of what has been said in mitigation today and of the contents of the criminal justice social work report.

“In imposing sentence on you, I must reflect the fact that this was a violent attack, and that it extended to striking the complainer on the head with a weapon. She could easily have been much more seriously injured. I also take into account your protracted history of violence and of repeated offending. 

“In the whole circumstances, I impose a sentence of 30 months imprisonment (six months of this is attributable to the bail aggravation).

For the reasons given in the report, I intend also to impose a supervised release order of one year. The purpose of this is to protect the public from serious harm on your release.

“During that period you will be under the supervision of an officer of the local authority and you must comply with his or her directions and requirements. You must inform him or her of your current address.

“If you breach any of the conditions of the order you may be brought back to court and returned to prison for a period up to the length of time between the date of the breach and the date when the supervision would end.

I will backdate your sentence to 30 December 2017.”