HMA v Roger John Crossan

At the High Court in Edinburgh today, 12 June 2018, Lady Scott sentenced Roger Crossan to life imprisonment with a punishment part of 21 years after the accused pled guilty to the murder of Moira Gilbertson.

On sentencing, Lady Scott made the following statement in court:

“You have pleaded guilty to the murder of your partner Moira Gilbertson in October 2017. Mr Crossan, by law I sentence you to life imprisonment.

“I have to fix the period of custody which you must serve before you are entitled to apply for release on life licence to the Parole Board. This is called the punishment part of the life sentence.

“You stabbed your partner in the chest and the nature of the wound was such her death was inevitable.

“You left a note saying sorry and that it was your fault and then you left her body to decompose.

“Family members received text messages over a few days, purporting to be from the deceased.

“Your victim had restricted mobility and was physically vulnerable. This conduct is further aggravated by previous violence toward the deceased.

“You were convicted in December 2011 of assaulting her to her severe injury and to the danger of her life. This is an aggravation in terms of section 1 of the Abusive Behaviour and Sexual Harm (Scotland) Act 2016.

“The seriousness of your conduct is also significantly aggravated by your previous convictions.

“You killed your previous partner in 1999 and you also have another conviction for domestic violence against another victim.

“I take into account your plea has prevented a trial and that you have expressed remorse.

“Balancing all these factors I sentence you to a punishment part of 21 years, which is reduced from a sentence of 23 years to reflect your early plea.

“Three years of the sentence, prior to this discount, relates to the aggravation under section 1 of the 2016 Act. This sentence is backdated to 16 October 2017.”