HMA v Sheng Wen Lin

At the High Court in Glasgow today, 18 April 2018, Lord Matthews sentenced Sheng Wen Lin to five years' imprisonment after he was found guilty of being concerned in the supply of cannabis. On sentencing Lord Matthews made the following statement in court:

“You were found guilty of being concerned in the supply of cannabis. The case was a straightforward one.

“Police officers had information that controlled drugs might be found at a flat and were searching it when you and another man turned up. Each of you had an identical suitcase, each containing about £100,000 worth of cannabis.

“Amongst the other evidence was a report on the analysis of a telephone in your possession. On it were text messages which were plainly concerned with drug dealing.

“Your explanation for all this was that you were helping an acquaintance to move into the flat and thought that the suitcase contained some of his belongings.

“As far as the telephone is concerned, you said that another man had given it to you to pass to your acquaintance but that you had not yet done so.

“The jury rejected this, unsurprisingly.

“I have listened to all that has been said on your behalf and taken account of all of the circumstances as well as the contents of the Criminal Justice Social Work Report. It is of particular concern that you have an analogous previous conviction.

“My initial reaction was that a sentence of six years’ imprisonment would have been appropriate, but the prison will be a particularly lonely place for someone with limited English and you are likely to be subject to immigration detention on your release.

“Taking account of all the circumstances I sentence you to five years’ imprisonment to run from the date you appeared on petition, namely 4 September 2018.”