HMA v Michael Gray

At the High Court in Glasgow today, 25 January 2018, Lord Mulholland imposed an Order for Lifelong Restriction on Michael Gray with a punishment part of seven years after the accused was found guilty charges of repeated rape, sexual assault and assault to severe injury and to the danger of life.

On sentencing, Lord Mulholland made the following statement in court:

“Michael Gray, you were convicted by unanimous verdicts of a jury of 18 charges. The crimes set out in these charges were committed against seven women, four of whom you were in a relationship with at the time.

“The crimes included assault to injury, indecent assault, assault to injury and danger of life, rape, assault to severe injury and danger of life and sexual assault. In respect of the crimes of rape you were convicted of nine charges of repeated rape involving four women. The offences took place over a period of 25 years.    

“You gave evidence in your trial denying the crimes. The jury unanimously rejected your evidence of denials and believed the women.

“It is clear that you have a problem with alcohol which you have failed to address over the years. You also have anger issues which manifested itself in many of the crimes you were convicted of.

“You committed this catalogue of crimes when you lost your temper, or whilst under the influence of alcohol or when you felt like it.

“You treated these women appallingly. The victims have had to endure your serial criminal behaviour.

“Time will tell what long term effects your crimes will have on them. They are to be commended for reporting your crimes to law enforcement.

“The jury heard evidence of your controlling behaviour, your insulting language to many of the women resulting in many of them being beaten down and having low self-esteem.

“You used a knife in respect of one of the women. You used objects, some of which were inserted into the private parts of some of the women.

“You assaulted one of the women whereby her head was smashed against a cabinet, resulting in a subdural haematoma affecting her motor skills and her eyesight, long term.

“You will now be sentenced for your crimes.

“This court regards domestic abuse, physical and sexual violence, and rape very seriously.

“I take into account all your counsel has said on your behalf, the terms of the criminal justice social work report (CJSWR) and the risk assessment report (RAR), and the circumstances of your crimes.

“The author of the CJSWR has stated that there are significant concerns regarding your ongoing risk to the community and that you would quickly breach the conditions of any post release supervision order imposed to address your alcohol misuse or your offending behaviour.

“The author of the RAR has stated that you represent an enduring and serious risk to women you are in an intimate relationship with, and that you have a complete lack of knowledge, understanding or insight into your offending.

“You present a medium risk of re-offending against adult females in a violent and sexually violent manner. Medium risk is defined as ‘the nature, seriousness and pattern of your behaviour indicates a propensity to seriously endanger the lives, physical or psychological wellbeing of the public at large’.

“It is said that the risk is centred around intimate relationships, and your violence is mainly associated with misuse of alcohol, a negative view of women and an inability to control your emotions.

“Taking all this together, I conclude that, on the balance of probabilities, the risk criteria for an order of lifelong restriction, namely that the nature or circumstances of the offence, either in themselves or as part of a pattern of behaviour, are such as to demonstrate that there is a likelihood that if at liberty you will seriously endanger the lives or physical or psychological well-being of members of the public at large, is met. I therefore impose an order for lifelong restriction.

“I am required by law to fix a punishment part of the sentence, that is that part of the sentence which must be served before you can be considered for parole. I fix the punishment part as seven years’ imprisonment. The sentence will be backdated to 16 October 2017.” 


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