HMA v Jason Barnabas Okwara

At the High Court in Glasgow today (20 December 2017) Lady Rae sentenced Jason Okwara to nine years imprisonment after the accused was found guilty of rape and sexual assault charges. On sentencing Lady Rae made the following statement in court:

You were convicted by the jury of a series of sexual crimes against three different women committed over an eight year period. 

The evidence was in my view disturbing in the sense that you clearly believed that you were entitled to sexual intercourse with women whenever you wanted it, whether the women were willing or not. 

I note that after interviewing you one of the report writers from the Tay Project in Dundee has come to the same conclusion namely that you have “a sense of entitlement toward women and sex.”   

The lady in the first charge came across as a particularly vulnerable woman.  She became so drunk that she was incapable to give consent.  You took advantage of that.  That is rape.  In respect of the second lady you entered her house, despite being an unwelcome visitor, forced yourself upon her and raped her. 

The third victim managed, to some extent, to resist your unwelcome advances but you still sexually assaulted her.  Her victim impact statement discloses that your conduct has had a considerable effect on her mental wellbeing and self esteem.

The background reports disclose that you show no remorse for what you did, indeed you still maintain your innocence.  What you might want to reflect upon is that these three women were unknown to each other but each, according to you, has lied about what you did.

You clearly present a risk to women. 

In view of the repeated nature of these offences you will be sentenced to 9 years in respect of charges 1 and 3 and 3 years in respect of charge 4.  All periods will run concurrently and will be backdated to 24 November 2017.

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