HMA v George Stewart

At the High Court in Glasgow today (15 December 2017) Lord Summers sentenced George Stewart to five years and four months imprisonment after the accused pled guilty to attempted murder and assault to severe injury. On sentencing Lord Summers made the following statement in court:

I have heard all that has been said in mitigation and read the narrative and background report.  You are a first time offender and were evidently under the influence of alcohol.   

 However, these circumstances do nothing to justify your behaviour.  On 5 August 2017 you committed two serious crimes. The second was particularly bad. Your victim was out for an evening stroll with his dog in a public park in Blairgowrie. He was unknown to you and did nothing to provoke you. You chased him and after he had slipped and fallen you knifed him as he lay helpless on the ground. This was a vicious and cowardly crime.

In respect of the first offence I sentence you to a period of one year imprisonment. In respect of the second charge  I sentence you to a period of eight years imprisonment. Since you pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity. the first sentence will be reduced to a period of eight months. The second is reduced to a period of five years and four months. They will run concurrently and from 7 August 2017.