HMA v Hooman Sojoodi, Sanchez Facey, Glen Elamo, Arnold Mukueto

At the High Court in Edinburgh today (27 October 2017) Lady Carmichael sentenced Hooman Sojoodi, Sanchez Facey, Glen Alamo and Arnold Mukueto to a total of 28 years and six months imprisonment after the accused were found guilty of illegal detention, assault and accessing their victim's bank account via his computer. On sentencing Lady Carmichael made the following statement in court:

 The jury found you all guilty of detaining Emmanuel Chidubem Emmanuel at a house in Edinburgh on 10 February 2017. You assaulted him by striking him with a blunt object, and punching and kicking him.  You applied tape to his arms, legs, eyes and mouth. You gagged him using a sock. You accessed his bank account using his ipad.

Money was transferred out of Mr Emmanuel’s account that morning. Some was transferred to Sanchez Facey’s account. Your victim was engaged in a number of phone calls with his girlfriend and his brother about a Santander Savings Account.  His girlfriend gave evidence about pretending that she was in a bank trying to make arrangements for a transfer of funds.

Those calls stopped when you bundled him into the boot of a BMW car. You had stripped him naked and wrapped him in bedding. You drove him around south Edinburgh for about an hour. Your intended destination is not known.

While in the boot Mr Emmanuel managed to disconnect fuses and caused the car to stop. When he got out of the boot you tried to force him back into the car and carried out a further sustained assault on him by punching, kicking and stamping on his head and body.  

You were confronted by a number of members of the public, and their presence and their actions in calling the police brought this incident to an end. It is plain from their evidence that Mr Emmanuel was terrified.

I have no doubt that he must have been in considerable and justified fear of further harm at your hands, bound, naked and captive in the boot of a moving car as he had been. He was severely injured.

The precise background and motive for the crime did not emerge clearly from the evidence, although it is clear that there you wanted to extract money from Mr Emmanuel for some reason. You all continue to deny responsibility.

 Whatever dispute you may have had with Mr Emmanuel, it is utterly appalling and unacceptable that you should have resorted to the violent and lawless conduct of which you have been convicted.  The use of violence of this sort can result only in punishment by means of a substantial custodial sentence.

You are all young men, and I take that into account. With the exception of Glen Elamo your previous offending is of a relatively limited nature.

I see no basis for distinguishing among you as to sentence, other than in relation to Hooman Sojoodi, whose conviction is aggravated by breaching two bail orders.

The sentences will therefore be as follows:

Hooman Sojoodi: 7 years and 6 months imprisonment backdated to 13 February 2017, and six months are attributable to the breach of bail.

Sanchez Facey:  7 years imprisonment backdated to 29 September 2017

Glen Elamo:  7 years detention to take effect on expiry of all sentences previously imposed

Arnold Mukueto:  7 years imprisonment backdated to 20 June 2017