HMA v Slawomir Lipinski

At the High Court in Edinburgh today (25 October 2017) Lord Pentland sentenced Slawomir Lipinski to nine years imprisonment after the accused pled guilty to attempted murder. On sentencing Lord Pentland made the following statement in court:

You have pleaded guilty to attempting to murder a man who was a stranger to you before the night of the offence.  

It would seem that on 6 February last year you had been drinking heavily with him and another man for some hours in a flat in Edinburgh.  When you were heavily intoxicated you formed the view that the victim had stolen your bank card. You then violently attacked him and, according to the terms of the charge  in the indictment, pushed him in the face, knocked him to the floor, repeatedly punched him on the head and repeatedly struck him on the body with a knife, all to his severe injury, permanent disfigurement and to the danger of his life. 

By the terms of your guilty plea you have accepted that the attack was a murderous one.  It was indeed an attack in which you displayed extreme violence because your victim was found to have more than 30 stab wounds on his body.  He was fortunate to have survived such a vicious and sustained onslaught.

 The fact that you were drunk is no excuse at all for what you did.  Instead I regard it as an aggravating factor as is the fact that the attack involved the repeated use of a weapon. There is nothing in the background or surrounding circumstances that could amount to provocation as a matter of law.

 I have taken full account of all that Mr Roy has said on your behalf this morning in his realistic submissions and of the contents of the criminal justice social work report.  I accept that you have only some relatively minor previous convictions.

 It is clear that the court must take a very serious view of this offence because of the level of violence involved and the repeated use of a weapon.  Had I been imposing sentence after trial I would have sentenced you to a term of 10 years imprisonment. Because you pled guilty at a late stage in the prosecution I will discount the sentence to one of 9 years imprisonment.

 The sentence will be backdated to 17 August 2017.