HMA v Shaun Inglis

At the High Court in Edinburgh today Lord Boyd of Duncansby sentenced Shaun Inglis to six years and six months imprisonment after the accused pled guilty to the attempted murder of two people. On sentencing Lord Boyd made the following statement in court:

You have pleaded guilty to the attempted murder of two people –Thomas Barber and Nicole Boyer. Mr Barber was acquitted of assaulting you and you determined to take revenge.

You went out looking for him and drove from Linwood to Kilwinnoch. When you saw him walking down the road with his partner you deliberately drove your car across the street mounting the pavement and striking both of the complainers. Mr Barber was propelled across the footpath, over a fence and into a garden.

The car struck a brick wall and a lamppost before toppling over narrowly missing Ms Boyer. You then got out of the car picked up a brick and repeatedly struck Mr Barber over the head threatening to kill him.

You show no remorse apparently believing that Mr Barber deserved his fate.

You claim that you have been let down by the justice system but what you did was not an act of justice. This was a wicked act of revenge which might easily have resulted in the deaths of two people.

I have listened carefully to what has been said on your behalf. I take into account the fact that you have not served a custodial sentence before and have no analogous convictions and none for violence. I do not consider that you pose a threat to the public at large.

The most important factor in your favour is that you have never sought to deny your guilt. You telephoned a social worker immediately after and you pleaded guilty at the earliest opportunity. I shall take that into account in affording you a discount on the sentence I might have passed had you gone to trial.

Given the deliberation that went out into committing this offence it can only be marked by a lengthy custodial sentence. If you had been sentenced after trial I would have imposed a sentence of 10 years imprisonment. In light of the plea I shall discount that to one 6 years 6 months. The sentence will be backdated to 12 September 2017.

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