HMA v Krzysztof Gadecki

At the High Court in Edinburgh today Lord Boyd of Duncansby sentenced Krzysztof Gadecki to life imprisonment after the accused was found guilty of two murders. On sentencing Lord Boyd made the following statement in court:

The jury by unanimous verdicts have found you guilty of the murder of Ronald Kidd and Holly Alexander. These were brutal murders of people in their own home. Whatever difficulties they may have experienced in life they did not deserve this death.

Both of them had children as well as family members and friends who cared about them. You have taken that from them. Nothing I can say or do can compensate for their loss.

What your motive was in murdering these people I cannot say. Whether you intended to kill them and steal money, drugs and valuables from them or whether having killed them you saw an opportunity to take things from the flat I do not know. In either case you remained in the flat with the bodies for some time returning twice more to ransack the flat to satisfy your need for money and drugs.

You have a significant record of offending in Poland including robbery, using violence and rape. You received 8 years imprisonment for these offences followed by a further period for fraud. The conviction for robbery and rape is relevant to the sentence that I will impose.

There is only one sentence that I can impose and that is life imprisonment. But I also need to set a punishment part – that is the part of the sentence which you must serve before you may be considered for parole. It does not mean that you will be released on completion of the punishment part.

You murdered two people in their own home using a significant violence. I shall set the punishment part at 26 years. The sentence is backdated to 12 December 2016.