HMA v Darren Heeps

At the High Court in Edinburgh today Lady Carmichael sentenced Darren Heeps to three years imprisonment after the accused pled guilty to being concerned in the supply of heroin. Lady Carmichael made the following statement in court:

You were found in possession of a safe containing 2.7kg of diamorphine, with a value somewhere in the range between £62,000 and £270,000.   It appears you have may have been assisting someone else by removing the safe from a property which was about to be searched by the police.  

When the police searched your own home they recovered £13,900.  Your account is that you were keeping £11,500 of that money for another male, and that the remainder was your own by way of savings. On any view it is clear that you were aware you were facilitating the trade in illegal drugs by holding money, along with paper bearing notations, and by deliberately removing a safe from a property having been warned that police had apprehended the owner of that property. Taking any role in the supply chain of class A drugs is something that the court needs to punish and deter.

I take into account that you have not offended in a similar way before.  Your record of offending is not really relevant to the sentence I select in this case. I take into account that you have provided an affidavit in the context of your being a potential witness in other proceedings. I take into account that you are genuinely remorseful, and that you have taken positive steps towards establishing a lifestyle that should, on your release, be one that prevents you from offending at that time.

I sentence you to 3 years imprisonment backdated to 1 September 2017, discounted from a starting point of 4 years and 6 months.

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