HMA v Kieran Davies

At the High Court in Edinburgh today, 24 August 2017, Lord Boyd of Duncansby sentenced Kieran Davie to life imprisonment with a punishment part of 19 years after the accused was found guilty of the murder of Ashley Hawkins.

On sentencing, Lord Boyd made the following statement in court:

“Kieran Davis, you have been convicted on the clearest of evidence of a particularly brutal murder.

“You subjected Ashley Hawkins to a sustained assault with a hammer and a 5-kilo iron bar. You also stamped on him and kicked him.

“It appears that the assault started in the sitting room while Mr Hawkins was sitting on the settee. He was then chased or followed through to the hall.

At this point he was sufficiently injured to be spraying blood onto the walls.  On the evidence it looks as if he tried to escape out the front door but did not make it.

“He tried to defend himself. The final injuries appear to have occurred while he was lying prone on the ground and unable to respond or escape.

“Whatever failings Mr Hawkins had or whatever demons assailed him he did not deserve that death.

“You continue to deny your guilt and you show no remorse or empathy with his family.

“I note that you have a significant record for burglary and theft although only one significant previous conviction in 2008 for a crime of violence.

“I take into account what counsel has said on your behalf as well as the reports before me.

“Without going into details you have had a difficult and what must have been an unhappy childhood and upbringing. You have not had the chances in life that may have set you on a different path.

“None of that however mitigates or excuses the dreadful nature of this offence.

“There is only one sentence I can pass and that is life imprisonment. Given the brutal nature of the murder I shall set the punishment part at 19 years. The sentence is backdated to 5 December 2016.”