HMA v Shane Ramsay

At the High Court in Edinburgh today, 3 July 2017, Lord Boyd of Duncansby imposed an extended sentence of nine years on Shane Ramsay after the accused was found guilty of rape and assault charges. The custodial part will be seven years, followed by an extension period of two years on licence.

On sentencing, Lord Boyd made the following statement in court:

“Shane Ramsay, you have been convicted of a significant catalogue of domestic violence against three women, including the repeated rape of two of them.

Despite the jury’s verdict you continue to maintain your innocence, telling the author of the criminal justice social work report that it is all ‘lies’.

You have three previous convictions. All of them are domestic in nature.

You are only 21 years of age and yet you have had four significant relationships with women.

Remarkably, as a 14-year-old child your parents allowed you not only to form a sexual relationship with another child but to effectively live together as a couple in their house. You quickly formed other relationships, each one of which was abusive.

Your family and particularly your mother appear to have turned a blind eye to the fact that you were violently abusing your partners in the family home.

I have listened carefully to what has said on your behalf.

I accept that you have identified that you have a problem with anger management and it is to your credit that you not only express a willingness to undertake offence related work but also have begun to undertake such work while on remand.

For that to be effective however you will have to accept that you are responsible for the violent abuse of your former partners and the rape of two of them.

It is clear to me that you pose a significant danger to any woman with whom you have a relationship. Accordingly I will impose an extended sentence to ensure that on your release from prison you will be subject to supervision for an extended period of time

As a result of your conviction and the sentence imposed you are subject to the notification requirements under Part 2 of the Sexual Offences Act 2003 for an indefinite period. My clerk will serve upon you a notice confirming those requirements with which you must comply.

I shall sentence you to a cumulo extended sentence of nine years, of which seven years is the custodial part and two years extended. The sentence is backdated to 29 September 2016.”