HMA v Isabella Jackson

At Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court today, 25 May 2017, Sheriff Grant McCulloch sentenced Isabella Jackson to 45 months imprisonment after the accused pleaded guilty to sending death threats to Theresa May and the police, and making bomb threats to Harrod’s and King’s Cross Station in London and Edinburgh Airport.

On sentencing, Sheriff McCulloch made the following statement in court:

“Isabella Jackson, you have accepted your guilt for four offences, each of which is significant, and caused major inconvenience, fear and alarm. And you are no stranger to such behaviour.

In 2011 you were convicted of making two bomb hoax calls, and placed on probation. But during 2012, whilst on that order you committed three further offences of a similar nature which resulted in a prison sentence, and you served 12 months.

Here we are again. In late 2014 you sent an email to Westminster threatening to kill Theresa May, then Home Secretary.

In 2015, annoyed at one of the other residents in your home, you maliciously told Fife Council and others that the person had died, when this was clearly not the case. The grief and upset caused to her is plain to see.

You were then charged with these offences and placed on bail, with stringent conditions about your use of the internet.

Yet despite those conditions, earlier this year you made another bomb threat to the Police, indicating that a bomb was present in Harrods, London, at King’s Cross Station there, and at Edinburgh Airport.

Of course these threats had to be taken seriously, resulting in police searches and considerable work to see how viable the threat might be.

Finally, perhaps annoyed by the police removing your internet router, you sent a card to Levenmouth Police Office, containing powder, and the word ‘death’.

That resulted in several Police personnel, and the postman, being subjected to medical quarantine and isolation, not to mention fear and alarm, for many hours.

Your actions have deprived the public of police and security service availability, with the potential of allowing real terrorists to go about their evil business.

You claim that this is done out of loneliness, to gain attention. I find that hard to accept.

To me it is the deliberate act of a twisted mind, quite content to cause the utmost disruption of normal society, from the comfort of your own sofa.

You used specialist software to hide your IP identity, showing a degree of sophistication, and deceit.

Notwithstanding your age and infirmity, the public requires protection from you, and the discouragement of others who might consider the same path. Only a custodial sentence is apt for these offending.

You did plead guilty thus avoiding a trial. Thus what would have been a five-year cumulo sentence is restricted to 45 months, backdated to 2 May 2017.

In addition the Crown seeks a Serious Crime Prevention Order. This seems highly appropriate, to allow for intensive monitoring on release.

However the terms of the order sought does appear to be over restrictive and not be tailored exactly for this accused. The application is therefore continued until 15 June 2017 for consideration.”