HMA v Dean Kimmins

At the High Court in Glasgow today, 10 February 2017, Lord Boyd of Duncansby sentenced Dean Kimmins to six years’ imprisonment after the accused pled guilty to being concerned in the supply of diamorphine.

On sentencing, Lord Boyd made the following statement in court:

Dean Kimmins, you have been convicted on your own plea of being concerned in the supply of diamorphine on one day in 2015. The drugs had a potential street value of over £200,000.

Your role was to direct others by mobile phone and to manage the transaction by keeping in constant contact with them throughout the day. The charge is aggravated by a connection with serious and organised crime.

I am told that you became involved because you found yourself in financial difficulty. As a result you agreed to act as a go between for other individuals.

The trafficking in class A drugs is a vile and evil crime. It brings misery to users and blights communities in which drug misuse is prevalent.

Accordingly while I make some allowance for the fact that you became involved under pressure the fact is that you did involve yourself and took a directing role in the operation that day.

Had you been convicted you after trial I would have imposed a sentence of eight years imprisonment, one year of which would be attributable to the aggravation of the connection to serious and organised crime. In view of the plea I shall discount that to one of six years.

You are presently serving a long prison sentence. Were I to make this sentence consecutive to the one you are presently serving the overall effect would be disproportionate. Accordingly the sentence will be served concurrently to the one you are presently serving and commence from today’s date.”