HMA v Gary Ralston

At the High Court in Glasgow today, Lord Ericht sentenced Gary Ralston to four years imprisonment for a vicious robbery on a family who had taken him in.

On sentencing, Lord Ericht made the following statement in court:

"When you needed somewhere to stay, the Bowmaker family took you in and treated you like a son.

You repaid that kindness by planning a vicious and violent robbery on them in their own home. You and your associate carried it out in a terrifying fashion, clad in black balaclavas and wielding a pick axe, machete knife and baseball bat.

I have listened very carefully to everything which has been said on your behalf and have carefully considered the social work report. 

However, the circumstances of your crime are such that there is no alternative to a lengthy period of imprisonment. In fixing the length of that period I have paid particular attention to what Mr McKenzie has said in relation to comparative justice and the comparison between you and your associate, Mr Landsborough.

I have taken into account your young age compared to him as you are only 18 years old.

Also, I have taken into account that unlike him, you have no previous convictions.

Accordingly I accept that the period of imprisonment for you should be less than the headline period of 5 years that would have been imposed on Mr Landsborough but for the discount for the early plea.

Taking all these circumstances into account I sentence you to a period of imprisonment of 4 years. The sentence will run from today." 

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