HMA v Stephen Paul Bollard

At the High Court in Edinburgh, Lord Uist sentenced Stephen Bollard to an extended sentence of five years and two months, with the custodial part being three years and two months, for assault and robbery.

On sentencing, Lord Uist made the folowing statement in court:

"You pleaded guilty at a continued preliminary hearing to the crime of assault and robbery committed at a newsagent’s shop in Cockenzie on 16 August last year.

"You brandished a screwdriver at the shopkeeper, repeatedly demanded money from him and threatened him with violence, struggled with him, repeatedly attempted to take money from a till drawer and to strike him with the screwdriver and robbed him of £10.

"On 16 April last year you had been sentenced at Edinburgh Sheriff Court to 14 months imprisonment backdated to 16 December 2014 and a supervised release order for 6 months for the crime of assault and robbery with a knife.

"You were released from that sentence on 17 July 2015, only a month before you committed this offence, at a time when you were still subject to the supervised release order. It is clear from the terms of the criminal justice social work report and your other previous convictions that you have a long-standing drug misuse problem. When you committed this offence you were under the influence of drugs and alcohol.

"You will readily understand that you must now receive a significant prison sentence for the crime which you committed. As you had 183 days of your previous sentence outstanding at the time you committed this crime, I shall make an order that you be returned to prison to serve that period before, and to be followed by, the sentence which I am about to impose begins.

"I am in no doubt that, in order to protect the public from serious harm from you, an extended sentence is called for. Had you been convicted by a jury after trial, the custodial part of your sentence would have been 6 years imprisonment. As you pleaded guilty at a continued preliminary hearing that will be discounted to 4 years 6 months imprisonment. I must give you further credit for the period of 8 months, equivalent to a sentence of 16 months imprisonment, which you have spent on remand. That results in a custodial part of 3 years 2 months imprisonment. The extension period of your sentence, that is, the further period for which you will be subject to a licence, is 2 years."