HMA v Steven Green and Alan D'Ambrosio

At the High Court in Edinburgh, Lord Uist sentenced Steven Green and Alan D'Ambrosio each to seven years imprisonment after they were found guilty of assault, robbery, abduction and attempted extortion.

On sentencing Lord Uist made the folowing statement in court:

"You were both convicted by the jury of a charge containing the crimes of assault, robbery, abduction and attempted extortion. These were crimes planned in advance, in other words, organised crimes. The motive for committing them was that your victim owed a business debt to a company owned by you, Steven Green.

The victim was led to the business premises of you, Steven Green, and assaulted, robbed and kidnapped in the car park after he left a meeting with you. He was struck with a blunt weapon between 30 and 40 times on the head, neck, shoulders and arms and bundled into the back of a van bearing a false number plate, where he was tied up with duct tape on his hands and legs, and had a black bag put over his head. He was then driven away in the van, told that he had seven days to get the money and had bleach poured over him. He was then released near his own car at a layby to which it had been driven. He was injured as a result of this attack and has been left with scars on his head and legs.

It was clear on the evidence led that you, Steven Green, were the instigator of this attack who brought the victim to the scene and that you, Alan D’Ambrosio, were one of the men involved in the assault, robbery and abduction. Neither of you has shown any shame or remorse and each of you has continued to deny your guilt in the face of the compelling evidence which caused the jury to convict you.

This incident was a deplorable episode of criminality and lawlessness of a kind which cannot be tolerated in a civilised society. The use of violence in business dealings has to be suppressed by appropriate punishment being meted out to those who engage in it. You, Steven Green, are now 43 years old and you, Alan D’Ambrosio are now 51 years old. Neither of you has any criminal history: if you had, the sentences about to be imposed would have been longer.

I have taken into account the contents of the criminal justice social work reports and all that has been said in mitigation on behalf of each of you, which includes the previous good character of each of you. At the same time I have also had regard to the content of the victim impact statement completed by your victim. I see no reason to distinguish between the two of you when imposing sentence. The sentence which I impose on each of you is seven years imprisonment from 17 March 2016."