HMA v Jose Martins Barbosa

At the High Court in Glasgow on 13 October 2015, Lord Matthews sentenced Jose Barbosa to three years imprisonment after the accused pled guilty to facilitating the exploitation of women for prostitution.

On sentencing, Lord Matthews made the following statement in court:

“Jose Martins Barbosa, I take account of everything said on your behalf and the contents of the criminal justice social work report. I note that you are a family man with no previous convictions.

You have pleaded guilty to serious offences involving the exploitation of women, resulting in your obtaining a significant amount of money. The offences were well organised and while you appear to see yourself as a victim you are sadly deluded in that regard.

However, the fact that the Crown have accepted that you did not bring the women into the country for the purposes of prostitution and that you neither introduced nor coerced them into this activity means that I can treat this case less severely than I would otherwise have to.

I am satisfied that the case could have been dealt with in the Sheriff Court, the Crown accepting that that was the case even before the deletions to the indictment. I am also satisfied that I should afford you a discount in the sentence would otherwise have imposed, given the circumstances in which you indicated an intention to plead guilty. The plea when it came was ultimately at a continued first diet.

In the circumstances I have decided that on each charge I would have imposed concurrent sentences of four years imprisonment to run from 18 May 2015, had the matter gone to trial. As it is the sentences on each charge will be three years imprisonment to run concurrently from the same date.”