HMA v Jamal Saeed aka Mohammed Ahmed

At the High Court in Glasgow on 10 August 2015, Judge John Morris QC sentenced Jamal Saeed to life imprisonment with a punishment part of 25 years after the accused was found guilty of the murder of Mohammed Abdi.

On sentencing, Judge Morris made the following statement in court:

“Jamal Saeed, the jury convicted you of a particularly brutal murder, involving as it did, the use of a sub-machine gun in gunning down a young man in an otherwise quiet suburb of our capital city.

The punishment for your crime is dictated by law and that is that you will be sentenced to life imprisonment.

However, I still require to fix what is termed a punishment part of that sentence.

That is the time you must spend in custody before you are eligible for parole.

It does not mean that you will automatically be released after that period – that will be a matter for the parole board.

The use of lethal firearms and the general circumstances of this case means that the punishment period will be a lengthy one.

Despite what your counsel has said I see no reason to differentiate between you and those who previously pled guilty.

Accordingly the punishment part will be fixed at 25 years to date from 13th of October 2014.”