At the High Court in Aberdeen on 20 March 2015, Lord Burns imposed an extended sentence on Terry Newlands after the accused pled guilty to the attempted murder of his partner.

On sentencing, Lord Burns made the following statement in court: 

“Terry Newlands, you pled guilty on 10 February this year at a preliminary hearing to the attempted murder of your partner by repeatedly striking her repeatedly with a knife. 

It is accepted that her life was placed in danger and that she will be left with permanent scarring. The wounds that you inflicted on her neck and ear are horrifying.  

This was a truly terrifying and sustained attack on a defenceless young woman which might well have ended her life had you not been dragged off her. You accurately described it as brutal to the police.  

The social work report contains concerning information about the motivation behind this attack and your intention when doing so. Whether or not you intended to kill her (as you told the author of the report) you accept that you acted with wicked recklessness. 

You appear to have gone some way to bringing this situation about by stopping medication which you knew reduced your feelings of anger.  

I have no doubt that an extended sentence is necessary in order to protect the public from serious harm.  

The custodial part will be a period of imprisonment for six years nine months reduced from nine years because of your plea. The extension part will be three years. During this time you will be monitored and supervised so that the risk you pose to the public on release can be managed and reduced 

The sentence will be backdated to 16 October 2014.”