At the High Court in Glasgow on 20 February 2015, Lord Matthews sentenced David Smith to ten years imprisonment after the accused was found guilty of sexual abuse offences against children.

On sentencing, Lord Matthews made the following statement in court:

You have been convicted of a catalogue of physical and sexual abuse towards children who should have been able to look to you for support and guidance. This court has repeatedly said it will not tolerate such contact

I have listened to what has been said on your behalf. You have maintained your denial but the jury’s verdict was clear, as is my duty.

I have seen victim statements which set out graphically the effects of your conduct, although mere words are inadequate to express that.

Your offences predate the legislation allowing me to pass an extended sentence, otherwise I would have taken that course.

On the common law charges you will go to prison for 10 years to run from 23 January 2015.

On charge 12 the sentence will be one of 18 months imprisonment to run concurrently.”