At the High Court in Edinburgh today, 5 September 2014, Lord Pentland sentenced Neil Livett to seven years in prison after being convicted of rape and voyeurism.

On sentencing, Lord Pentland made the following statement in court: 

“Neil Livett, the jury unanimously convicted you, after trial, of two serious sexual offences. The evidence showed that the complainer was highly vulnerable with a troubled and disturbed background. 

The first of these offences involved your taking a significant number of perverted and indecent photographs and video recordings of her. The recording of these images amounted to a gross invasion of the complainer’s dignity and privacy. By their verdict the jury accepted that you did these things for the purpose of your own sexual gratification. The second offence was one of rape of the complainer. This offence was seriously aggravated by the fact that you made a video recording of the act of rape; you told the complainer that this was so that you could watch it later. 

It is clear from the detailed victim impact information before the court, as it was from the complainer’s evidence in the witness box, that she has suffered serious emotional damage because of what you did to her. 

I acknowledge that you come before this court as a first offender and that you have a good employment record. I take account of what has been submitted in mitigation and of the contents of the criminal justice social work report. 

It is clear nonetheless that the court must take a very serious view of these sexual offences. They amounted to a deplorable breach of trust on your part. Instead of protecting the complainer you cruelly took advantage of her and abused her. The offences also involved considerable planning and preparation. 

On charge 1 (the statutory offence of voyeurism) I sentence you to two years imprisonment. 

On charge 3 (the offence of rape) I sentence you to five years imprisonment. 

The sentence in respect of charge 3 will run consecutively to the sentence on charge 1, with the result that you will go to prison for a total period of seven years. 

The sentence on charge 1 will be backdated to 8 August 2014 when you were first remanded in custody. 

You will remain subject to the notification requirements applicable to sex offenders for the remainder of your life. Your name has been added to the list of persons deemed unsuitable to work with children and other vulnerable individuals.”