At Aberdeen High Court Lady Scott imposed an extended sentence of 13 years on William Fraser, with a custodial part of 9 years and an extension period of 4 years, after he was found guilty of raping a woman in Aberdeen on 27 October 2012.

On sentencing Lady Scott made the following statement in court:

14 February 2014

“In the early hours of the 27 October 2012, your young female victim was walking home, after finishing her work in Aberdeen city centre. She was just about to turn the corner into her street when, out of nowhere, you attacked her from behind, pushed her to the ground, dragged her round the back of some shops, struck her repeatedly on the face and robbed her of her money, phone and cards.  You then hit her with a metal bicycle chain and she passed out for period of time.

Your victim woke to find you pulling her with a chain around her neck and with her lower clothing removed. You hit her and you sexually assaulted her.  Amongst other things you called her a “polish bitch”, threatened to kill her and then tried to rape her. Thereafter you pulled her to a secluded area under a tree, some distance away. There, you again seriously sexually assaulted her, then raped her, then forced her to remove her clothes and raped her again. You then again further sexually assaulted her with your fingers. During this appalling attack you demanded that your victim say she enjoyed it and hit her if she did not do so. You also tried to record her on a mobile phone.

In continuation of this prolonged and terrifying ordeal you then took your victim down a street and behind some houses. After a period of time you dragged her into a close and made various further threats including telling her she was going to die. She believed you.  You then forced her again to remove her clothing and forced her to clean and wash herself with a mop, in an attempt by you to remove forensic evidence and avoid detection.  You then left her. About an hour or so later you accessed pornography on websites depicting the rape of women.

Your victim was left utterly distraught and severely injured.  She remains traumatised and has difficulty in coping.  It is to her immense credit that she has resumed her full time studies and has tried to rebuild her life. 

In her evidence, your victim said she was not worried about walking home alone because she felt Aberdeen was the safest place in the world. Among the many things you robbed your victim of that night, was that trust and her generosity of spirit.

This is the kind of attack which restricts the liberty of all women by placing every woman in fear of her safety in the public streets.

Your position is rendered even more serious because you were on bail at the time and because of your criminal record which includes numerous convictions for violence and for racially aggravated behaviour. However I accept that these convictions are at summary level and there is nothing approaching the degree of violence shown here.

I have taken into account your young age and to your neglect and exposure to violence from an early age. You clearly need help in overcoming your violence, your alcohol and drug abuse and to cope with normal life. I have noted what your counsel has said this morning and take account of your expressed intent to undertake any help offered in prison.

The background reports suggest you present a high risk of serious harm to the public. The detailed report from the psychologist confirms that you do not have any mental illness but you do have personality and psychopathic traits which increase the risk you present. That you present a risk of serious harm to women is obvious from the severity and circumstances of this attack

Accordingly I am going to impose an extended sentence. An extended sentence consists of a period of custody and a period of extension of your licence when released.  If you breach the conditions of your licence during this extended period your licence may be revoked and you may be returned to prison to complete the full term. The appalling nature of this attack requires a substantial period of custody of such a sentence.

In respect of charges 7, 8 and 9 I sentence you to a total extended sentence of 13 years consisting of a cumulo period in custody of 9 years and to an extended period on licence of 4 years. The term of imprisonment will be backdated to 18 June 2013 to reflect your period in remand for this matter.

You will also be placed on the Sex Offenders Register for an indefinite period.”