At the High Court in Edinburgh Lord Doherty sentenced Kevin Ogg to four years and 10 months in prison after he pled guilty to being concerned in the supply of controlled drugs in Dundee and elsewhere on 8 November 2012.

On sentencing Lord Doherty made the following statement in court:

“Kevin Ogg, you have pled guilty to two charges of being concerned in the supplying of controlled drugs. At the time you were detained you were transporting  almost half a kilogram of diamorphine and almost two kilograms of amphetamine by car from Glasgow to Dundee. The diamorphine had a maximum street value of £49,390 and the amphetamine had a maximum street value of between £93,760 and £177,600.

You have a long record of previous convictions, two of which have been on indictment. On 17 June 2002 you were sentenced to 15 months imprisonment for theft, fraud, theft by housebreaking and attempted housebreaking; and on 4 July 2005 you were sentenced to 21 months imprisonment for theft by housebreaking. Your convictions at summary level include five for possession of controlled drugs and one, on 18 May 2012, for being concerned in the supplying of diamorphine.

I have had regard to what has been said on your behalf. In particular, I give you credit for the fact that you have pled guilty at a continued preliminary hearing. Given the quantities and potential values of the drugs involved, and your record, the only appropriate disposal is a substantial period of imprisonment. I hope you will take advantage of any opportunities you are given in prison to address your history of drug misuse.

I shall impose a cumulo sentence in respect of both charges. Had you not pled guilty at the stage that you have the sentence I would have imposed would have been 6 years imprisonment. In view of your plea the sentence that I do impose is 4 years 10 months imprisonment. That sentence will be backdated to 29 November 2013.”