At Edinburgh Sheriff Court Sheriff Crowe sentenced Kyle Glass Johnston to 14 months imprisonment after he pled guilty to assaulting a taxi driver to his severe injury and robbing him of a digital device and his car keys. The incident arose as vehicles were filtering from two lanes into one at roadworks and the taxi driver was assaulted as he sat in his cab on 30 March 2013 on Gorgie Road, Edinburgh.

On sentencing Sheriff Crowe made the following statement in court:

12 December 2013

“This was a gross act of road rage where you severely assaulted a taxi driver in the course of his employment. You then robbed him of his most important tool of trade which provides him with a stream of work and took his car keys thus rendering the vehicle immobile and potentially causing a traffic jam. I accept that you have never served a prison sentence before, albeit that you have previous convictions for violence. Nevertheless I regard this incident and your reaction as wholly disproportionate and one which can only be met by a prison sentence. Had this charge proceed to trial and conviction you would have been sentenced to 18 months’ imprisonment. Since you pled guilty at an earlier stage and avoided witnesses having to come to court the sentence will be restricted to 14 months’ imprisonment from today.”