Sheriff Name Gender
Anderson, Ian G M
Anderson, Michael P M
Bovey QC, Mungo M
Brown, Eric M
Bryson, Gillian F F
Clapham, David C M
Coutts, Charlotte W B F
Davidson QC, George J M
Duguid QC, Ian M M
Ferguson, Donald W M
Grant-Hutchison, Peter A M
Hall, David W M
Halley, John M
Hendry, James M M
Hogg, Kenneth R W M
Johnston, Valerie F
McCall, Shelagh Margaret F
McDonald, Marion F
McMenamin, Raymond A M
MacMillan, Gerard P M
Reid, Paul Anthony M
Scott QC, Janys M F
Sinclair, Gerard W M
Smith, Linda A R F
Stewart, Mark L M
Thorley, Mark Richard M
Vaughan, Robert S M
Wood, Michael M M
Bowie QC, Simon D R M
Khurana, Vinit M
MacLeod QC, Murdo A M
Webster, Andrew G M

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