At the High Court in Glasgow Lord Pentland sentenced Grant Reid to 3 years and nine months detention after he pled guilty to supplying a Class A drug.

“Grant Reid, you have pled guilty to a serious offence of being concerned in the supplying of a substantial and valuable quantity of the Class A drug Diamorphine with a potential street value of over £57,000. The period of your involvement was two days in May this year.  The agreed narrative records that your role is best described as being that of a courier and storage facilitator; you allowed the drugs to be stored and delivered them to others when required.  Your explanation for this criminal behaviour is that you were working off a drug debt, but that is no excuse. You would appear to have taken no account of the harm that was likely to be caused to others by the drugs that you were involved in supplying.

You are 19 years of age and have no analogous previous convictions, although I note that you have three convictions for offences of disorder and assault. You have not previously served a custodial sentence.  I accept that you have demonstrated some level of responsibility towards others in your life.  I very much hope that you will take advantage of any opportunities that are available to you whilst you are in custody in Polmont.

I take into account all that has been said on your behalf and of the information contained in the criminal justice social work report. I acknowledge that you have had a disturbed and unstable upbringing.  None of this can, however, justify your deliberate decision to play a significant part in the network of supplying controlled drugs.  Anyone who chooses to do that, whatever the reason, must understand that they will be severely punished when brought before the courts.

Taking account of your youth and the other circumstances of your case, I would have imposed a sentence of 5 years detention had you not pled guilty.  I accept that your early plea had certain practical advantages in that a trial did not have to take place and public expense was thereby saved.  In the exercise of the discretion vested in me, I shall modify your sentence to one of 3 years and 9 months detention in a young offenders’ institution.  The sentence will be backdated to 18 October 2013”.


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