Part-Time Sheriffs

Judicial and administrative duties

To help with increasing workloads and the pressure of court business, some advocates and solicitors are appointed to sit as part-time sheriffs. They also provide cover for permanent sheriffs who are absent, on leave or on judicial training. The number of part-time sheriffs is limited to 80. 

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Part-time appointments are for five years. They are made by Scottish Ministers on the recommendation of the Judicial Appointments Board for Scotland.

Re-employed retired sheriffs

A sheriff principal may also appoint a retired sheriff as a temporary measure where he/she considers that it is appropriate to so in order to facilitate the disposal of business in the sheriffs court.  Any appointments are regarded as temporary measures and may occur as frequently and for as long as the sheriff principal considers it necessary. These sheriffs are known as re-employed retired sheriffs as opposed to part-time sheriffs.

Sheriff Name Gender
Anderson, Ian G M
Anderson, Michael P M
Bovey QC, Mungo M
Brown, Eric M
Bryson, Gillian F F
Clapham, David C M
Coutts, Charlotte W B F
Davidson QC, George J M
Duguid QC, Ian M M
Ferguson, Donald W M
Grant-Hutchison, Peter A M
Hall, David W M
Halley, John M
Hendry, James M M
Hogg, Kenneth R W M
Johnston, Valerie F
McCall, Shelagh Margaret F
McDonald, Marion F
McMenamin, Raymond A M
MacMillan, Gerard P M
Reid, Paul Anthony M
Scott QC, Janys M F
Sinclair, Gerard W M
Smith, Linda A R F
Stewart, Mark L M
Thorley, Mark Richard M
Vaughan, Robert S M
Wood, Michael M M
Bowie QC, Simon D R M
Khurana, Vinit M
MacLeod QC, Murdo A M
Webster, Andrew G M

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