Consultation on proposed amendments to the Complaints About the Judiciary (Scotland) Rules

This consultation is being conducted by the Judicial Office for Scotland on behalf of the Lord President.

The Lord President made rules for the investigation and determination of any matters concerning the conduct of judicial office holders; Complaints About the Judiciary (Scotland) Rules 2011.  They came into force on 28 February 2011.  After two years of administering the rules, several administrative issues had been noted and the Lord President directed that a review be undertaken.  The consultation paper sets out the results of that review and proposed amended rules are presented for consultation.

Consultation Paper

Proposed Amended Rules

Respondent Information Form and Consultation Questions 

Please return the completed respondent information form and your response to the consultation by 16 December 2013 by e mail to:

or in writing to:

Complaints Rules Consultation

Judicial Office for Scotland -3/R12, Parliament House

Parliament Square