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Senior judges regularly make speeches or give lectures on a broad range of topics. It is our intention to publish as many of these as possible.

Speeches published on this website reflect the individual judicial office-holder's personal views, unless otherwise stated. If you have any queries please contact the Head of Judicial Communications at the Judicial Office for Scotland.



From Tuesday 22 April 2014 Senators of the College of Justice sitting in the Inner House will no longer wear formal robes and wigs when hearing civil appeals.

Following a proposal by the Lord President the judges sitting in the Inner House have endorsed this change.  However, judges will continue to wear formal robes and wigs when hearing criminal appeals.

Eleven judges currently sit in the Inner House, which is the appellate section of the Court of Session.  The Inner House acts as a court of appeal for cases from the Outer House (Court of Session first instance courts) and for appeals in civil cases from the Sheriff Courts, the Court of the Lord Lyon, Scottish Land Court, the Lands Tribunal for Scotland, and other tribunals.

The Lord President has issued a Practice Note that counsel may appear without wig and gown and that solicitors with rights of audience may appear without gowns.

“In deciding to sit in civil appeals without robes or wigs the judges of the Inner House are in line with the practice of the United Kingdom Supreme Court.  It makes sense in this day and age.”

The Rt Hon Lord Gill Lord President and Lord Justice General

Practice Note


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