Q.Are courts always open to the public? Can anyone attend court?
Q.Are you allowed to speak to the judge or others in court?
Q.Can a judge be dismissed, demoted, or promoted?
Q.Can a judge be found guilty of a crime?
Q.Can a judge have another job?
Q.Can a judge hear a case involving a friend?
Q.Can I bring my child into court with me? What age do you have to be to attend court?
Q.Can judges belong to a political party?
Q.Can judges own businesses / shares?
Q.Can the media attend every court case?
Q.Can the public or media record what happens or take photos in court?
Q.Do all judges wear robes? Why do judges wear different robes in civil and criminal courts?
Q.Do judges choose the cases to judge or are they random?
Q.Do judges make laws?
Q.Do judges still wear black hats?
Q.Do you have to be a certain age to be a judge?
Q.How do I address a judge in court?
Q.How do I complain about a judge or a judgment?
Q.What do you do when you arrive at a court for jury service or as a witness?
Q.What happens if I am late for court or break any of the other rules?
Q.What is the significance of the crosses on judges’ robes?
Q.What qualifications are required to be a judge?
Q.What should I wear in court?
Q.Who chooses judges?
Q.Why do judges wear wigs?
Q.Why do we need judges?
Q.Why don’t judges speak to the media or give interviews after cases?