Lady Smith awarded Honorary Fellowship

Lady Smith received an Honorary Fellowship from The Academy of Experts in London “in recognition of her contribution and work” for the organisation.

Fellowships were presented by the Academy’s president, Lord Saville of Newdigate, to Lady Smith and Lord Reed

The Academy provides the accreditation of expert witnesses, as well as a comprehensive range of training courses.

Lady Smith joined the Academy’s Judicial Committee in 2009. The Committee is made up of senior judges from across the United Kingdom, along with one judge from the Hong Kong Court of Final Appeal. It promotes the maintenance of high standards amongst its members and its work has included the promulgation of written guidance on the role of the expert witness, on writing ‘judge friendly’ reports, and on contingency fees for experts.

In awarding her the Fellowship, the Academy stated: Lady Smith “is an enthusiastic supporter of The Academy, and experts world-wide have benefited from her influence and work as a member of the Judicial Committee”.

Lady Smith is currently Chair of Scotland’s Independent Inquiry into the abuse of children in care.


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