Sheriff Appeal Court to sit in Glasgow

Scotland’s Sheriff Appeal Court, which normally sits in Edinburgh, will move to Glasgow for two days on Tuesday, 14 and Wednesday, 15 August.

The Court will hear criminal appeals, sitting in the High Court of Justiciary at the Saltmarket.

President of the Sheriff Appeal Court, Sheriff Principal Stephen QC, will sit with Sheriff Principal Turnbull and Appeal Sheriff Murphy QC, on 14 August, hearing appeals against conviction.

Sheriff Principal Stephen will sit with Appeal Sheriff Cubie on 15 August to hear appeals against sentence.

The Sheriff Appeal Court is one of Scotland’s newest courts after being established in 2015 as part of Lord Gill’s Scottish Civil Courts Reforms.

It hears appeals in summary criminal proceedings and against bail decisions arising from both the sheriff and justice of the peace courts. It also hears appeals from civil proceedings in the sheriff court (the justice of the peace court does not hear civil cases).

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