FAI into Glasgow bin lorry incident

Sheriff Principal Scott QC has appointed Sheriff John Beckett to replace him on the inquiry which is due to commence on 22 July 2015.

On 19 March it was announced that the fatal accident inquiry (FAI) relating to the road traffic incident which resulted in the deaths of six people and a number of persons injured in Glasgow city centre on 22 December 2014 was to be conducted by Sheriff Principal Craig A. L. Scott QC at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

Sheriff Principal Scott has since become aware that he was acquainted with one of the deceased and is known to the deceased's family. This was not initially apparent due to the manner in which the deceased was designed in the original application to the court.

In the circumstances, Sheriff Principal Scott has taken the immediate decision to recuse himself from the inquiry and has appointed Sheriff John Beckett QC to replace him.

The next preliminary hearing is due to take place on 18 June in front of Sheriff Beckett at Glasgow Sheriff Court.

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